Following are Kendo clothing, bogu, and bogu bag (equipment):

How to put on your Keikogi and Hakama:

A. Tie the Inner and outer mune himo tightly: pull back portion of the dogi downwards to loosen the collar.

Figure A (click to enlarge)

B. Put the left leg in first then the right leg. When you remove a hakama. Put the front himo through the back and front again, crossing over the left himo at the lower abdomen, then the at the back in a hanamusubi.

Figure B(click to enlarge)

C. Place a koshiita into the obi. Take the back obi and pull one under the front obi and tie in front. Take the remaining ends of the obi, and tuck them under the obi on both sides

Figure C(click to enlarge)

D. Finished!

Figure D(click to enlarge)

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