Membership and Policy Information
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(April 6, 2007)


A. This organization shall be known as the Gedatsu USA Kendo Dojo (GUSKD).
B. The GUSKD headquarters shall be located in the South San Gabriel, California.
C. The GUSKD shall be a non-profit, charitable and educational organization, which shall not discriminate in any way by reason of race, color, religion, and sex or nation origin.


A. The objectives of GUSKD shall be:

1. To promote and publicize the art and science of kendo as a sport and a culture.
2. To unify, coordinate and standardize the practice of kendo within the Southern California region.
3. To establish and maintain amicable and cordial relations with all other affiliated kendo organizations.
4. To promote kendo tournaments and support kendo tournaments sponsored by affiliated organizations.
5. To inspire respect for the law and to promote patriotism.
6. To work for friendship among all peoples.
7. To aid and encourage the development of youth.
8. To give recognition and honor to those who have promoted and supported kendo.


1. Membership in GUSKD shall consist of officially recognized kendo dojos located the Southern California and the individual members of such dojos.
2. Each officially recognized kendo dojo shall have an instructor holding the rank of four (4) Dan or above. GUSKD may assign an instructor of four (4) Dan or above to a kendo dojo in the event the highest-ranking kendoist at that dojo is three (3) Dan or below.
3. All individual members of the officially recognized kendo dojos shall become members of GUSKD and the Southern California Kendo Federation (SCKF).
4. New member may be admitted upon application to GUSKD.
5. Individual members shall consist of:

a. Active members – Kendoists who are currently members at the GUSKD dojo.
b. Associate members – Those who do not participate in kendo but are interested in kendo and support the purpose of GUSKD.

6. As a condition to becoming a member, each member shall protect GUSKD from responsibility for any injuries incurred by the member while engaged in the GUSKD sponsored activities as provided in (amendment) of these by laws.
7. Each member shall provide adequate assistance in the operation of GUSKD activities, including but not limited to, official GUSKD sponsored tournaments and various sponsored social or business activities. The Board of Directors shall determine adequate assistance on a case-by-case evaluation.
8. Each member is expected to pay all owed dues and fees to GUSKD in a timely manner.Note: This website is property of Gedatsu USA Kendo Dojo and may not be used without written permission.

In the event that the Board of Directors determines that a member is either not providing adequate assistance to GUSKD activities or has not paid various required dues and fees in full within 60 days from the date they were due, such member will be a 2/3 majority vote of the Board of Directors, placed on “Probation” for a period not to exceed one year. The Executive Secretary shall inform the delinquent member in writing via Registered Mail that such an action has taken place.

The affected member shall have the right to appeal this decision to the full Board of Directors within 60 days from the official notification. The absence of such an appeal shall be interpreted as an acceptance of the decision by the member.
The Board of Directors shall monitor the efforts of the member on probation and may, at any time during the probationary period, elect to reinstate the full membership of the dojo, provided it is by 2/3-majority vote. Such reinstatement shall be the result of a sincere and reasonable effort on behalf of the member to comply with these requirements.

If, at the end of the probationary period, the member has not demonstrated a reasonable effort to comply, the Board of Directors shall either continue the probationary period or terminate the membership of the dojo. This action shall require a 2/3-majority vote of the Board. The Executive Secretary shall send notification in writing in advance of any such proposed action to the member contact person via Registered Mail.


1. Any member may be expelled from membership by a 2/3-majority vote of the directors. Upon such action by the Board of Directors, the Executive Secretary shall notify the member in writing of said action without further explanation of reasons therefore.
2. Any member whose membership in GUSKD has been terminated for any reason whatsoever shall forfeit all interest in any funds or property of GUSKD and all rights to the use of the GUSKD name, emblem or other insignia.


1. All members shall be required to purchase liability insurance as provided by GUSKD. Required premiums shall be determined by the Board of Directors.


1. These bylaws may be amended upon the vote of approval by more than 50% of the total membership of the Board of Directors, provided that written notice of the proposed amendment is given at the previous meeting.

Tenugui (men towel). The first one is free with enrollment. You may want to purchase an extra Tenugui since you will need a clean one each practice.
Shinai with Tsuba (bamboo sword with guard). Shinai can be purchased at the Dojo.

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